Form Builder

Drag & Drop Form Builder

With the Drag & Drop Form Builder you can create as many fields as you want. For each field you can set:

  • Visibility
  • Field type
  • Placeholder frontend
  • Merge tag (for integration with Mailchimp)
  • Icon from Font Awesome

It has never been easier to build a professional and beautiful looking form with your own custom fields. These custom fields are stored in your database and displayed in the subscribers log, ready to use for email campaign systems.

Integration Mailchimp

Integration Mailchimp

One of the premium features that Download After Email Plus has to offer is the integration with Mailchimp - All-in-One Marketing Platform.

After the download has taken place, subscribers are added automatically to your Mailchimp Audience. It is also possible to display your Mailchimp categories & groups in your Subscribe & Download Forms, so that subscribers can opt for categories of their choice.

The Add-On for Download After Email contains all the necessary tools to make you comply with the GDPR, such as an optional checkbox and a double opt-in functionality.

Export to CSV

Export To CSV

With the export feature you can export subscriber data to a CSV file, which allows you to integrate with any email campaign system. You can set a delimiter and a date range.

Data concerning the download links can be exported as well, such as IP address, time (creation and usage) and form content.

Import your subscribers without typing errors and within a few clicks.

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