Download After Email

A Wordpress Plugin For Gaining Subscribers By Offering Free Downloads

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Highly Customizable

Many options to customize the look and feel of the download form.

Form Builder

Create and manage your own form fields with the Drag & Drop Form Builder. (Add-On)

Subscribers Log

View data about your subscribers and download links.

Custom Messages

Customize the HTML email that is sent with the download link and all front-end notifications.

Export CSV

Export subscriber data to a CSV-file and use it for email marketing, newsletters etc. (Add-On)


Integration with Mailchimp, it automatically saves subscribers and their data to your Mailchimp list. (Add-On)

Easy Workflow

Simply add a Submit & Download form, as you would add a new page or post in Wordpress and place the shortcode on a page, post or anywhere you want. Create and manage your own form fields with the Drag & Drop builder, such as address, phone number etc. These custom fields are stored in the database and displayed in the subscribers log and if desired added to your mailchimp subscribers list.

Secure And Ajax Based

Download After Email creates Submit & Download forms that are fast and secure. After submitting the download form an email is sent with the download link, without reloading the entire page. The download link is protected and can be used once, only by the relevant user, and the url of the download file cannot be accessed directly.

GDPR Ready

Download After Email offers all necessary tools to let you comply with the GDPR. The plugin stores data such as IP address, time (creation and usage) of the download links, form content and subscriber data in case you might need it in the future. You can enter the text of the opt-in checkbox (with a link to the terms & conditions). The use of the download link functions as double opt-in.

Fully Responsive

The forms of Download After Email are fully responsive and mobile-friendly. They adapt not only to the resolution of the screen, but also to the area in which they are placed. In this way, the Submit & Download forms look great on every screen and in all areas on your page, without writing a single line of code.

Start gaining subscribers with Download After Email

Easy & Flexible

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